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Privacy Policy

Universal’s commitment to the appropriate handling of personal and sensitive information which is acquired in the course of arranging a finance application, approval and settlement does not merely result from the need to comply with the Privacy Act (1988).  For us, it is a matter of professional competence and an expression of our commitment to customer care that data gained is treated with the utmost regard and security.

The personal information which is most often acquired during the finance process includes information sufficient to correctly identify the applicant, financial data sufficient to assess the applicant’s capacity to meet loan commitments and ancillary data as may be required by the finance provider to assess business risk.  This information is provided to Universal by the client and disclosed by Universal to finance providers only after client privacy agreements have been made.  Personal information retained by Universal is kept in hard format as application forms and deal paperwork, as well as in electronic format of data and scanned records.

Applicants, or their nominated agent, may access data held by Universal following a written request.  In the unlikely event that an applicant is dissatisfied with the access to their records, as rendered by Universal, the applicant may have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Services which provides an external dispute resolution service for such matters.

No personal information gained by Universal will be disclosed to any overseas entity.

Universal ensures that this policy is understood and implemented at all levels of the organisation.


Tom Antoniou
General Manager


 Universal Training Services Pty Ltd,

Trading as Universal Finance

ACN: 116 786 335

ABN: 741 167 863 35

ACL: 394039

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